Unused, Unworn, Authentic Vintage Eyewear

Why you should Choose Vintage!

A short article on the virtues of vintage, and why it may be for you!
Why you should choose vintage!
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Who would want to wear 50 year old glasses?

While this statement may be true for some people, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose vintage and add a piece to your collection!

Lets Face it! Vintage is in fashion!

You can see it everywhere! Eccentric Cat eyes, Chunky ovals, polka dots, florals and flare jeans are back.

Welcome to the Timeless 50’s and roaring 80’s all over again!

Better Materials and Construction

As a rule of thumb today’s market, filled with fast-fashion and mass-production lines, has left the quality department lag behind.

That problem is virtually non-existent if you shop Authentic Vintage eyewear. The old market was much more quality/material-centric so you can get the most value out of your money.

Moschino Rap 1180AG

Get that B&W goodness

Gianni Versace 458

This is Vasilis' favorite!
It has collector’s value!

When buying vintage, you are essentially, buying a living, breathing piece of history that retains its value througout the years!

This is only true for  Vintage though, not Retro which are very popular these days, so be careful in your Eyeglass selection!

Legendary vintage glasses brands like: Cartier, Casanova, Cazal and early! Ray-Bans as well as known fashion brands like: Gaultier and Versace are a very safe bet.

But also other smaller brands are still coveted and hold real value in the market. Brands like: Vogart, Zagato, Rolling, Police and their value line: Best Company offer the authentic vintage experience in a more affortable Package.


It is a Statement

While vintage can be subtle or bold, it is ALWAYS a statement!

It can complement and give accents to any look you decide to rock and make something good into exceptional!

Wear something neutral with a Bold Signature piece and let the spotlight shine on you, or even go bold and let your eyewear be a final touch on your outfit

Either way:

Vintage is, and has always been around!

And that is for good reason:

  • The quality is unparalleled: Even for today’s standards.
  • The style of vintage is in resurgence: Everyone tops their look with a chunky Cazal, or an eccentric Casanova.
  • Timeless: You wearing a living, breathing part of human fashion and history

That is the reason why many people are addicted with vintage time-pieces and fall in love even with their first vintage pair!

Give it a try yourself, and who knows, maybe you always had vintage in you all along!

Why you should Choose Vintage!