Unused, Unworn, Authentic Vintage Eyewear

Learn About our Products

All our products are Authentic, Unworn, Vintage Eyewear in an actual Optical Shop

Learn About Our Products:

All our products are Authentic, Unworn and Unused.  These type of products are called New-Old stock. This refers to products manufactured long ago but never sold or used before!

Every single Eyeglass frame in our e-shop is in an actual physical Optic shop in Paros, Greece (although there are some frames not yet on our e-shop stay tuned!) This means, we can gurantee for the best quality and availability of your dream Eyewear.

Additionally all Photography is made by our in-house photographer!

Every photo of the featured product is of the product itself! No canned/stock/company photos. 

So every time you see a photo of a product on our website or social media you know it is exactly the Piece you are buying!

Learn about our
  • Lenses

Our shop offers you the option to customise your frames with fresh, new lenses of your choosing!

Being in this line of work for over 50 years has helped us understand how to judge the best lens quality and where to find it. 

All our lenses (even the base ones)are 100% UV Absorbent in the 400nm band, Anti-Reflective and Anti-Scratch coated. (options that in many other eyewear sites are paid extra.)

If you want to know more about different lenses you can read about it HERE

Our tinted lenses come in 4 colors: 

  • Brown (Full,Degrade),

  • Grey(Full,Degrade,Polarized),

  • G-15 Grey+Green (Full,Polarized)

  • Green 75%

Our prescription lenses come in 4 thicknesses:

  • Normal
  • Fine (1.6)
  • XtraFine (1.67)
  • UltraFine (1.74)

And 2 photochromic colors (darken in the sun):

  • Photogrey
  • Photobrown

The options we offer are just the most wanted and used options.

If you want deeper customisation, or something not listed we can definately help you out! Just Contact us so we can provide your dream eyewear

Remember that all
  • Vintage Frames
can be customized!