Unused, Unworn, Authentic Vintage Eyewear

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Our Story:

 Our family has been involved in the industry more than 3 generations and 50 years.

   It all started with Pappou Yianni who became one of the first Opticians in the country, being one of the founding members and president of one of the biggest Optician Associations in Greece Σ.Ο.Ο.Ε

 Pappou was very passionate for his work and after he built his own optical shop he instilled much of his passion for work to Yiayia Anastasia

 Yiayia Means Grandma in Greek !


  The torch was passed down to Lia&Yiorgos, the opticians of Yiayia’s Glasses, who opened the first Optical Shop on the island of Paros, Greece with the name Optical Shop Mavroulia. You can Learn more about us HERE

   Running 25 years now, the shop is the parent and the predecessor of Yiayia’s Glasses.

   Yiayia’s Glasses was born in 2020 with the help of the youngest members of the family Vasilis&Yiannis. Vasilis working as the eShop’s Photographer and Developer, while Yiannis while young is in charge of our Packaging and Distribution center.

All this work is done by the new generation just so we can share Yiayia Anastasia’s Passion…

Today our business is divided into two fronts, our Physical store, and this website, both seperate and both interconnected and helping each other.

Our Physical Store is an Optic Shop on the island of Paros, serving the local community all year round and the tourist population when in season.

Our website, deals mostly in Unworn, Unused, Authentic Vintage Eyewear that is in stock in our Optic Shop’s location.