Unused, Unworn, Authentic Vintage Eyewear

Learn About our Services

As an optical shop we offer additional services for our customers. 

Learn About Our Services:

Except our online website and eShop we also maintain a physical store with Expert Opticians working on your Unworn Vintage Eyewear! 

Having a real store means a lot of things! 

  • You can always pay us a visit.
  • All our glasses exist in a physical location and not some werehouse.
  • Gurantee on the highest quality of service from our Expert Opticians!
  • a long list of additional services we can provide. (some of them below)

Additional Services:

As well as our e-Shop, in which we share Yiayia’s collection of vintage glasses we also can:

  • Customize your lenses: We offer a wide Variety of options for your lenses in prescription and tinted lenses.
  • Free Live Consulting with an Expert Optician (via Call/VideoChat) about anything regarding your choice just fill out the form!
  • Repair your frame FREE: If your Yiayia’s glasses need a repair we repair it Free of charge. (not including Shipping costs)
  • We also offer Optometry Services. In case you find yourself near our physical store.
  • Check out or Pickup locally, your favorite Vintage Frame. No shipping costs, instant feedback!
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  • Special Requests
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