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Order your Eyeglasses: The easy way

Find out how can you order your eyeglasses on our website in the most hassle-free and efficient way

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You will need:

(it is hassle-free but you still need some things)

  • A Smartphone
  • A Credit Card (don’t worry we dont need the numbers just a card)
  • A Friend.


Step 1:

Take a Clean picture of your Prescription.

Step 2:

Stand in a well-lit place and put the credit card above your eyes (like in the picture)

Step 3:

Face the camera while holding the credit card parallel to the phone. (The reason you do this is so we can measure your pupilary distance with an item of set proportions)

Step 4:

Look deeply inside your phone lens and snap a picture

Step 5:

Send us both the photos of your prescription and of you holding the credit card via e-mail or the chat on the bottom right, as well as your Order ID so we can process your order.


We will get back to you as soon as we get your info!