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What to look for When choosing sunglasses

A couple of things all of us should have in mind when choosing our favorite sunglasses

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Most people pay too much attention to style, fashion and low costs… And while all of these are importants let’t not forget the REAL reason we wear sunglasses!

They are quintessential tool to help protect our eyes against UV rays, not just an accessory!


Lets talk about the Sun

The sun, as much as it provides light and warmth to our planet, it also radiates harmful radiation invisible to the naked eye!

Our atmosphere does a pretty good job at absorbing most of the harmful UV radiation but some rays like UVA and UVB still pass through!

So while we expose ourselves in the sunlight, its rays can sometimes, cause damage to our Corneas and eyelids, while  more often than not people report conjuctivitis, degradation of the macula and Cataract.

Also be careful even on cloudy days!

UV radiation can get through the clouds and never forget that the rays can reflect on smooth surfaces like water, smooth concrete, snow and even cars passing by!


All our lenses Are UV absorbent!

If you want to know more about them, you can read HERE.

So what should I look for in Sunglasses?

I’m Glad you asked because we have a handy list on what you should look for in sunglasses!

  1. 95-100% UV absorbent (be careful with false claims!)
  2. 75-95% Transmittance. Dark enough to see through comfortably in the sun but light enough to see in the shade, so you can minimize the on-off.
  3. Certified Sunglasses. The only foolproof way to make sure your sunglasses are certified is to get it from a real Certified Optician.
  4. Hypoallergenic Frame. Always make sure the materials of the frame you buy are hypoallergenic, and high quality materials to minimize the chance to develop a rash!
Closing Remarks!

Additionally we would like to mention skratched and damaged lenses.

If you aren’t too careful about your sunglasses make sure you change your lenses yearly, so you don’t get used to seeing things less than clearly!

Finally the best and ultimate tip on choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for you is one of the most obvious but overlooked tip:

Consult with a real Certified optician about your personal prefrences and safety!