Of course we do! We can ship anywhere postal services exist!

Whe ship with ELTA (Hellenic Post Office) and you can find more about pricing and ETA’s HERE Under the Shipping section!

Well our family has been opticians 2 generations now! Much of our inventory came from the family business which started in 1973, while other glasses are inventory from other, old optic shops who are friends of Pappou and Yiayia.

That is how our New Old Stock is always Unworn and Unused vintage Eyewear

While we sell unworn, unused authentic vintage Glasses’ frames, this site started from a physical store with real opticians behind it.

That means we offer many more services than just selling, and we believe that every customer is unique and deserves personalised service.

Well as mentioned before since Optician blood is running in the family….

We can customize the lenses of any frame of your choice with a variety of options. Check some of your options HERE or check out our Lens Types article!

Just get in touch with us and talk about your prefrences and we hope to provide the best customer experience we can!

We want to mention that we also offer Live Consultation with our experienced Professional Opticians! Just get int touch with us and book your appointment!